The Ippon Group systematically introduces new investments for sale. We plan to maintain the company's policy of searching for unique locations in market land prices. This will allow for the implementation of further projects, which, due to the attractive location, architecture, quality of workmanship and prices, will be sold in a relatively short time. Therefore, we monitor the situation on real estate market on an ongoing basis.


Our main goal is to offer our clients a fully professional transaction, ensuring security and a fair price. Our specialists will provide comprehensive sales support. Therefore, if you plan to sell the land, please contact us. The purchase of land is an excellent offer for clients.

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We will evaluate the land free of charge and provide legal assistance. We have a flexible approach to each property and its owner, which is conducive to concluding a contract based on mutual benefit. When you decide to cooperate with us, you do not have to think about whether the plot is in a bad location or has not been farmed.

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Our uninterrupted presence in this industry has allowed us to gain experience, which is a guarantee that our transactions are fully compliant with applicable law. Fill in the form and our expert will contact you within a few hours to arrange a meeting.


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