What is the step-by-step process of buying an apartment from a developer?

If you have decided to buy an apartment from a developer, it's time to take particular steps that will make you the owner of your dream apartment.

Ustalenie potrzeb

Determining the needs

At this stage, it is worth answering some of the most important questions and defining your needs.


What part of the city do I want to live in?
Our investments are always characterized by one thing - the best location. They are perfectly connected, and thanks to this fact, they combine the advantages of living in silence and greenery with the possibility of quick access to the centre of a city. If you like to feel the rhythm of the city, the perfect infrastructure in the area will be the Aurora estate. People who value peace, greenery and outdoor activities will surely appreciate Osiedle Leśna Aura.


What do you expect from the estate and the apartment?
Check if there are shops, kindergartens, schools, a park or an outdoor gym near the estate. All these amenities increase the quality and affect comfort of your life. Our estates offer many possibilities. You can choose from a variety of apartments in multi-family buildings with spacious balconies, terraces, gardens and conservatories. Sit comfortably on the couch and read the offers of the apartments or houses that are available on our website to find out which room layout and area best meet your expectations.

Kontakt z biurem sprzedaży

Contact with the sales office

There will always be many questions. You will definitely want to know the offer down to the smallest detail, see photos, visuals and plans. All information will be provided by our advisors who are at your disposal. So welcome to our sales office or if you prefer we are prepared for a telephone or online conversation.

Ask the advisor when your apartment will be ready for pick-up and find out if the construction works are going according to the schedule. Follow the developer's website and social media profiles carefully, where information  appears regularly. We always carry out construction works on time

Wstępna rezerwacja mieszkania

Initial reservation of the apartment

During the meeting with an advisor, you can make a reservation for 3 days free of charge. The apartment can also be booked by phone or e-mail. Thanks to this, you will gain time to make the final decision. After 3 days, you should contact the advisor again and make a final  decision about the apartment

Umowa rezerwacyjna

Reservation agreement

If you have chosen your apartment - you sign the so-called reservation agreement. We care about the safety of our buyers, which is why our contract includes a clause giving you the right to withdraw if you receive refusal decisions on the loan from at least three banks. The reservation is completed with a payment of PLN 10,000 up to 3 business days from the conclusion of the contract. Our consultants will help you complete the set of documents necessary for the purchase and finalization of the contract

Umowa deweloperska – akt notarialny

Developer agreement - notarial deed

Another agreement that we sign with the developer is the so-called developer contract. Two days before signing it, there must be an adjustment of up to 10% of the apartment value. Contrary to the reservation agreement, the developer agreement is signed at a public notary's office, and the notary's activities must be paid for with the so-called the tax (in accordance with the developer law, the price of the tax is charged to the apartment buyer and developer in half)

Once we have signed a developer agreement, the installment payment obligation is updated. We pay installments in accordance with the payment schedule specified in the development contract. Taking care of the safety of our buyers' funds - the schedule is always compatible with the progress of works on the construction site - you pay only as much as we have completed

Przekazanie kluczy i przejęcie własności

Handing over the keys and taking ownership

When the building is ready and the developer has an occupancy permit, the technical acceptance of the developer's condition of the house or flat and handing over the keys to the new owner.

The final step is signing the ownership transfer agreement. The contract is signed at the public notary’s office and the costs are covered by the owner of the apartment.


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